Monday, September 15, 2014

May/June 2014

I'm totally behind with this blog but I'm going to try and at least document a few important things that happened in the past year or so.  In a nutshell, my parents visited us in Dec 2013 which was awesome!  Then Christmas and Oliver's birthday were upon us (both were great).  January 2014 brought swim lessons into our life for the next 4 months and Tory started coaching Parker and five other little 5 year-olds (and Oliver who tagged along) in soccer.  Penelope also started soccer.  We had a great spring break in March (see the 3 previous posts for more on that).  In March/April we made the difficult decision to leave Hawaii and move back to the mainland.  May and the first half of June were spent packing and finishing school while trying to enjoy our last few weeks in Hawaii.   Here are a few pictures of May and June:

Penelope at her cinco de mayo dance recital:

 She loved her dance class especially since her friend La'akea was in it with her!

 I got to do a mother's day tea with my Oliver at his preschool, it was so much fun!

Since we had a big birthday bash for Parker and Penelope last year, we weren't planning a friend party for their sixth birthday.  But when we realized we were moving just after their birthday we decided to have a big swimming party so we could see all our friends before we left.  We reserved the pool, got a bouncy house, ordered a bunch of pizza and had a great time!  It really was fun.  I think the highlight was having Parker and Penelope's church teachers come.  They LOVE the Bryces!!

As luck would have it, Parker and Penelope had a field trip on their birthday.  They got to ride a train and have lunch at the train station.  They were so excited, especially since dad came along as a chaperone.

Then came moving day, we sold our house and moved out (that was so easy to type and SO hard to actually execute!) so on the twins' actual birthday, we walked out of our house for good.  As it worked out, our vacation rental wasn't ready til the next day so we crashed at our friends' house (thanks again Youngs!)  for the night.  They were so nice to take us in and Parker and Penelope thought it was so exciting to sleep there on their birthday.  Tory had seminary graduation that night so we went out to dinner and when we got 'home' sans dad, our friends had made a cake for the twins which was so nice.

After school the next day we finally got into our rental and felt a huge weight lift as we unpacked in a great vacation rental at Ko Olina. We spent just less than a month there and it was a perfect last hurrah for our wonderful 4 years in Hawaii!

The last day of school for my kids was quite sad for me.  We were so blessed when it came to good teachers this year.  And knowing we wouldn't be coming back to these schools made it all the more hard (for me).  Here is Oliver with Ms. Christine:

And here is Parker with Mrs. Hasebe:

And finally, here is Penelope with Mrs. Shirk:

We had lots of pool/beach dates with our friends before leaving Hawaii:

 And this one kept us on our toes all through the packing and moving process!

 So that is May and the first half of June in a nutshell!  More to come soon.......

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Chelsea said...

What a beautiful and tan family! Beloved Hawaii....